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Are You Ready for Medicare Enrollment?

Medicare enrollment season begins on November 15, and this year could be especially confusing. Older adults and their loved ones may need assistance analyzing their coverage options.

Remember these important tips when signing up for Medicare:

1) Medicare supplements (or Medigap) help pay some of the health care costs that the Original Medicare Plan doesn’t cover. Policies A through L is available, although not all are available in every state.

2) If you’re healthy and 65, you must pick Medicare A, B, or C. Medicare Advantage (Part C) focuses on prevention and is a great choice for those that fit into this category. The policy covers items like skilled nursing care and physical fitness programs.

3) The healthcare system is in flux. This means Medicare is, too. Despite the confusion, you CAN learn Medicare and its options. Take time to sift through the information available. Free advice is available from Area Agencies on Aging in your community. They offer advice through SHIP, a program offered to help determine the best coverage for you.

Learn more by reading this New York Times article and the potential turmoil for Medicare signees.


Nervous or confused about choosing the right Medicare coverage?

With expertise in Medicare and health insurance, Marca Life Planning’s Protective Aging program gives you a partner in understanding your Medicare and health insurance issues. Talk with a professional and feel confident that you’ve chosen the best coverage for you and your family.

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