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Having a Plan for Later Life

Do you have a later life plan for your money that focuses on your personal well-being? For older adults, the tasks of managing checking accounts, paying bills, or reviewing financial statements can feel confusing and overwhelming. Financial Planning week is from October 4 to 10 and is a “celebration to help individuals discover the value of financial planning and make smart financial decisions to achieve life goals and dreams.”

At Marca Life Planning, our planners want to help you reach your goals for aging and live your best life. We are proactive in ensuring security in your later life. Our planners work with Geriatric Care Managers, Investment Managers, CPAs, and Attorneys dedicated to making your Later Life Plan complete.

Make a seamless transition to life over 70 by establishing your Later Life Plan.

Retirement Income
Will your money last as you age? Create a retirement asset-distribution plan guided by your life expectancy and risk tolerance that ensures your money will last.

Living to 100
Will you be able to afford your lifestyle if you live to 100? Determine how much money you’ll need, minimize unexpected healthcare events that could result in a slow health decline, and predict the impact of long term care or living to your life expectancy.

Living to 100 with Chronic Conditions
Do you know how your chronic condition will progress, and how to maintain your lifestyle? Reduce unexpected healthcare events, so you can maintain independence and financial resources longer.

Protective Aging
Making your home elder friendly is a priority as you age. Play it safe with our specialists, and defend yourself against dangers such as consumer fraud or identity theft.

Each stage of life brings its own set of challenges. Having an experienced planner by your side can provide answers when you need them most. Click here to visit our website, or call 205-408-3000 today to partner with us in embracing the challenges along life’s journey!

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