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Retirement and Being Single

As Americans live longer, the meaning of retirement continues to shift. The wave of aging Baby Boomers ensures more active retirements on the horizon. However, longer-term retirement planning has become more challenging than ever with the downturn of the economy. Adding to this challenge of planning for a longer retirement are the large numbers of people who will retire single. Reports show that 43 percent1 of seniors over age 65 are single. This growing phenomenon occurs for a number of reasons – midlife divorce, outliving a spouse, or people who choose not to marry. Those in retirement alone face a…

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Being Proactive with Long Term Care

As you age, it is vital to plan for your eventual need for long term care. None of us are immune to real life experiences such as the death of a friend, major job transition, or a life-threatening illness. Despite this fact, 65% of older adults have no long-term plan. Life planning is essential to navigating personal and financial challenges. The baby boomer generation, currently between the ages of 45 and 65, has experienced more change in their lives than any generation before them. They must be caregivers, adapt to job changes and loss, and face their own health issues.…

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