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How Does Your Heart Age?

In a typical day, your heart beats 100,000 times. And in a lifetime, it beats more than 2.5 billion times. February is American Heart Month, a time to battle cardiovascular disease and educate ourselves on what we can do to live heart-healthy lives. Heart disease, including stroke, is the leading cause of death for men over age 45 and women over age 55 in the United States. How Does Your Heart Age? The cardiovascular system, including the heart and arteries, undergoes normal changes as we age. Your heart muscle becomes less efficient and must work harder to pump the same…

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10 Practical Ways to Handle a Crisis

The first crisis in the life of an elder is a time for immediate action. Despite your vigilance in the past, some crises will be unavoidable. Understand that this is not the time of “why’s” and “what if’s.” During the Station of Crisis, you have become the older adult caring for your aging parents and making decisions about their care. This third station of later life, described by Dennis McCullough in “My Mother, Your Mother,” may cause you to feel inadequate. By using these practical tasks, you can improve how you handle this time of crisis. 1) Find out what…

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Are You Ready for Medicare Enrollment?

Medicare enrollment season begins on November 15, and this year could be especially confusing. Older adults and their loved ones may need assistance analyzing their coverage options. Remember these important tips when signing up for Medicare: 1) Medicare supplements (or Medigap) help pay some of the health care costs that the Original Medicare Plan doesn’t cover. Policies A through L is available, although not all are available in every state. 2) If you’re healthy and 65, you must pick Medicare A, B, or C. Medicare Advantage (Part C) focuses on prevention and is a great choice for those that fit…

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